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My name is Shirley Brookes. I am a 22 years old Irish Student living in the South of Ireland. I am a student at University College Cork undergoing a degree in BCommerce International With Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. Within this course we take part in a module for translating Spanish in the Business and Societal Cultures of Spain and Latin America. I took an interest in the work of Mónica Rios Vasquez, a wonderful Latin American writer and Editor, and especially in her unpublished book “Autos que se queman” that was recently presented to us during a lecture. I am practicing Spanish as a second language and have studied abroad in recent years. My goals are to graduate and move on to working abroad through the Spanish language in view of increasing my capability in my second language and progressing my knowledge and understanding of the many cultures I have been exposed to throughout my Course so far.


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