My motivation to study into the work of Mónica Rios and to create a book proposal in English, for her unpublished piece “Autos que se queman”, came from a written piece issued to me in a lecture one day. When I read the story, I fell in love with her metaphors and beautifully scenic imagery. She depicted the area, in which she was writing about, with great detail and the story raised many common issues regarding the human mental state, childhood influences and the poverty that exists in certain areas. The authors structure and sequence of events linked beautifully within the text and, for a student studying Spanish, I felt it was a great book to learn some interesting adjectives and phrases that were in some sense colloquial to Latin America. The simple descriptions of everyday jobs, such as bin collection for example, contained much imagery and to some extent you could almost smell, feel and hear the things that filled the atmosphere whilst reading her work; the odor ridden juices from the bins, the murky ground residue, the heat trickling down from the sun rays and the sweaty steam that evaporated. Anyone looking for descriptive texts that possess a serious message, or an intense sense within it for that matter, would love this book. Taking into account that the book has not been published yet, and the great abilities of Miss Rios to produce books of pure excellence in English as well, I have given my best attempt at understanding the story and translating it into the English that I understood in ways to demonstrate the message that I received from the book. This is a learning experience for me and a challenge that I was happy to accept and give my best efforts to.

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