Recopilación de Información

Recovering information was a challenge for me, given that the book itself has not yet been published. My first step was to find reviews for the book, however this was not possible. I did some research on Miss Rios and came across her Curriculum Vitae on a website including her very own academic profile (; which was very impressive if I do say so myself. This lady’s achievements and qualifications were outstanding; which was not a surprise given the excellence of her writing. I decided to reach out to a lecturer she had, Miss Diamela Eltit. Miss Eltit is a Chilean Author with books such as “Reading The Mother”, and a distinguished global professor in creative writing in Spanish. Diamela Eltit provided me with a review on Monica Rios which I then translated into English for this Book Proposal.

“Mónica Ríos es una editora del fin del escritor Latinoamericana significante. Editorial Sangría, a la que dirige, tiene un echo internacional importante  y su mismo, como narrador, ha sido reconocido por sus libros vanguardos que ocupan como fundamentos narrativos cinematografía, centrada en la idea de escene y el script”

“Mónica Ríos is a significant Latinamerican Writer End Editor. Editorial Sangría, which she directs, has an important international echo and herself, as a narrator, has been recognised for her Vanguard books which occupy as narrative background cinematography, centered in the idea of scene and script.”

Diamela Eltit

As I find Miss Ríos’ work quite original, I looked for a review that shows her individuality. I found a review on one of her books by a reader named Juan Perés; “Es el libro más extraño que he leído en muchos años. Me desestructura casi por completo. Es una categoría que se queda minúscula. Lo que sí, es que me sorprende por completo.”

I translated this review and put it into my Book proposal; “The strangest book that I have read in many years. It completely destroyed me. It is a category that remains small. So yes, it completely surprised me”.

I felt this review could be either positive or negative, however for me this element of surprise and mystery causes the reader to think and that, I believe, makes for a good read.

My next challenge was to portray a book cover on the book proposal which was difficult as the book, once again, has not been released. When I came across this obstacle, I turned to the Author herself. I emailed Miss Ríos asking for an image that I could use for the Book Proposal. Mónica was very helpful and shared with me her reasons and inspiration behind the book. She wrote the book based on a burnt out car in her neighbourhood and offered to get a picture of that car for me so that I could use it as a book cover. For the time being, I am using a temporary image of a burnt out car as I have only recently asked for this image and, given the time of year and how busy this lady must be, I will wait patiently and upload the image as soon as I have received it. The rapid response she gave to me and the interest she took in my project was heart warming and pushed me further to give my best effort at this project.