Fase de Presentación

Within our Assignment we were taught how to use the website “WordPress” and were encouraged to present our assignment on said site. I found it very insightful as a student who usually does not adapt well to technology. It was a new skill that I had never believed I could develop, however I put my pen and paper away and gave it my best effort.

The website was simple to use after we were explained step by step how to put it together and, after this procedure, it was only a matter of where I wanted things to be placed and the structure in which I wanted it to be presented. Creating drop down menus was perfect for me as individual headers required subcategories such as my process phases. Imagery for the background was kept as an autumn coloured theme which I believe was in keeping with the seasons of the book. The main header was my interpretation of the book cover; the burnt out car described in the book. I used a series of images to pair with my information such as imagery of the Author, pictures of her previous books and images of the words that I did not understand and went on to research through visual means.

When I was completing the assignment I allowed a few of my friends to search my web page and give me valuable criticism. With this criticism I altered some text sizing and formatting and of course took a second look at the paragraphs alignment to ensure that the work was pleasant on the eye.