Fase de Permiso y Legalidades

A very important aspect of this book proposal was to present my ideas and my work without offending anyone or breaking any copyright issues. My first step was to explain my assignment to the Author outlining what my aim was. Fortunately Miss Ríos seemed pleased to have someone so interested in her work. I agreed to send my finished assignment to Miss Ríos upon completion. The image I will be using for this Book proposal will be willingly provided by the author, thus permission has been granted to present it on this web page.

The review I received for this assignment from Miss Diamela Eltit had been asked for with details entailing its purpose i.e that it was for a project on Miss Mónica Ríos. Given that the majority of reviews have been positive, I feel that they will not offend any person who reads my work.

All resources I have used have been cited, such as the article “De la agresion a las palabras” and the site where I came across the Curriculum Vitae of Mónica. I also felt it was important to make reference to the translation engines I have used, such as WordReference.com and SpanishDict.com, that gave me a good base for making sense out of long sentences that at first came as a challenge.

The public review I used from Juan Pérez was published publicly on the GoodReads.com book website and thus it is legal to recite the opinion. This man seemed to have posted the only review that really emphasised the originality of Miss Ríos work and thus was perfect to demonstrate exactly what I had thought about her written piece.